Sunday 12 May 2013

Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 Airless Sprayer

The Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 skid frame airless paint sprayer unit is great for small jobs or even as as a second unit for contractors. The ProSpray PS3.21 is a compact solution for small to medium airless applications.
Each Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 skid is supplied complete on skid with Electronic Spray Control (ESC), Flexible Suction System, High Pressure Paint Filter, Pressure Gauge, Inlet Valve Depressor, AG-08 Airless Spray Gun, 15 metre Airless Hose, 517 TradeTip2 and Base, EMI Filter, Tool Kit and Pump Protection Start-up Pack. A 5.7 Litre Hopper Accessory also available.
The maximumspray tip size is 0.023” and maximum static stall pressure is 3335 psi. The PS3.21 delivers a maximum flow rate of 2.0 l/min and a maximum airless spray hose length of up to 60 metres is recommended. The Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 skid weighs 16 kg and its elesctric motor rating is 0.8 HP or 0.65 kW. Recommended annual usage for the Wagner ProSpray PS 3.21 skid is up to 6000 litres.

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