Sunday 20 October 2013

Wagner Project 115 Airless Paint Sprayer Valve Replacement

Repair a Wagner Project 115 airless paint sprayer valves with these parts and procedure.
First obtain the following parts if wear or corrosion is suspected.

  • Part number 0418714 inlet valve repair kit
  • Part number 0504813 inlet valve tool
  • Part number 0515502 inlet valve sleeve if required

  1. Download Wagner Project Airless 115 manual refer to figure 20
  2. Remove the hopper.  Loosen the locknut by turning anticlockwise.
  3. Remove the inlet sleeve (1) with a suitable tool (e.g. socket SW 11).
  4. Inspect the threads on the inlet sleeve and the inlet sleeve O-ring (2).  Remove any accumulated paint.
  5. To remove the inlet valve, place the assembly aid (8) on a socket (6) with a 5/8” insert (7). Insert the inlet valve tool into the inlet valve (a). Remove the inlet valve screw connection by unscrewing anticlockwise from the housing.
  6. Retrieve the inlet valve (9) and the inlet valve O-ring (10) from the inlet valve housing. Clean or replace and lubricate the O-ring with a light household oil.  
  7. Set the inlet valve O-ring (10) back into the housing, and set the inlet valve (9) on top of it.
  8. Replace inlet fitting (8) into the housing. Tighten with the inlet valve tool (7) and ratchet (4, 5, 6).
  9. Replace the seal (3).  Place the inlet sleeve O-ring (2) onto the inlet valve fitting (9), and replace the inlet sleeve (1) by twisting it clockwise.
  10. Replace the hopper.

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