Wednesday 16 September 2015

Airlessco LP Series Pump Repacking

Fit the Airlessco 331210 fluid pump repacking kit following these steps.

Remove the fluid pump as instructed in the manual for your Airlessco airless sprayer. Ensure the inlet valve assembly including the ball cage has been removed from the pump then unscrew the packing nut and push the piston assembly down and out through the bottom of the pump.

Remove the upper packing's, belleville springs, tube spacer and lower packing set. If a packing removal tool is not available wrapping tape around the lower section of the piston and pushing the piston back up through the pump can often remove all packing's from the cylinder.

Disassemble all parts and discard old packing's seals and O Rings. Clean all parts and check piston for any wear. Check pump cylinder for any damage from paint tracking or stretching as a result of excessive pressure. Replace piston if any signs of wear or scarring is visible with a bare 331708 piston or a 331093 piston rod assembly which includes the upper outlet seat and ball.

Soak all the leather packing's from the Airlessco 331210 packing kit in light oil for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

Begin by placing over the piston the lower male adaptor facing up and then place one of the largest white V packing's facing down followed by the white female/female adaptor. Next all take the remaining largest white and largest leather packing's and begin with a white packing facing up then leather and alternate teflon leather until there are 5 white V packing's and 4 leather V packing's facing up with each leather V packing separated by a white V packing then place the remaining large white male gland facing down to finish the lower packing stack.

Once the packing assembly is fitted to the lower section of the piston with the all the "V" side facing up except for the one white "V" at the bottom facing down, via the top of the piston fit the tube spacer and the 3 Belleville spring washers with the first Belleville spring washer concave facing down the next up and the last facing down again.

Next fit the smaller white male adaptor facing up then one of the smaller white V Packing's then a leather V Packing, another white V Packing followed by the other leather V Packing then the last white V Packing and finally the last remaining white female gland facing down.

Fit the white and black O Rings to the outer grooves of the seal holder the viton black O ring at the top and white teflon O Ring below.

Lubricate the outside edges of all the V Packing's top and bottom with lithium grease and then slide the seal holder over the upper set of assembled V Packing's.

Lubricate the threads on the inside of the pump cylinder with grease.

Fit the piston with assembled packing's and seal holder back into the pump cylinder from the top and then install the packing nut hand tight.

Refit the fluid pump as instructed in the manual.

Adjust packing's after slowly cycling the pump to ensure correct installation by tightening the packing nut until resistance is felt against the Belleville springs and then tighten one half turn more. Add throat seal oil to the wet cup and then run pump at full pressure with test liquid such as water. Release all pressure and once again loosen the packing nut sightly then tighten until resistance against the Belleville springs is felt then turn the packing nut one half turn more.

Airlessco 331210 packing kit