Friday 2 August 2013

ASM Spray Equipment Online

A range of ASM spray painting spare parts are now available for purchase online direct from Spray Paint Equipment who offer one of the most extensive ranges of spray painting equipment, sprate parts and accessories for sale on the net.

The well known ASM brand name is now owned and backed by Graco who are one of the largest manufacturers of spray painting equipment world wide.

Check out the ASM parts catalogue on for the ASM spray equipment parts range for current pricing and to purchase ASM spray gear parts online quickly and easily without fuss.

ASM have operated since 1967 and have built a reputation of supplying quality airless spray equipment and designing airless sprayers and accessories with a painters needs in mind and delivering great value to the painter.

Thursday 1 August 2013

The Star New Century V3 Pressure 2000 S2000P-123P 1.2mm, S2000P-153P 1.5mm and S2000P-203P 2.0mm pressure feed spray gun head is designed for use with pressure pots and double diaphragm pumps supplying paint to the spray gun. The Star New Century V3 Pressure 2000 drop forged lightweight ergonomic spray gun body with exceptional balance is specially designed to produce improved atomisation with pressure fed spray painting systems such as pressure pots and double diaphragm pumps.
Star New Century V3 Pressure Feed S2000P series spray guns can also be purchased online at