Wednesday 11 June 2014

Wagner Airless Sprayer Price Increase

Effective 1st July 2014 Wagner Airless Sprayers will increase in price so now is the time to take additional advantage of the end of financial year and grab a bargain using the discount coupon WAGNER$1000+ over at

The above discount coupon will apply a discount to all Wagner products in a cart at checkout where the combined value of the contained Wagner products exceeds $1000.00

This should also apply free shipping to most locations within Australia and a further 2.5% discount will be applied to the entire order for payments made by bank transfer. Overseas purchasers can save even further as GST is not applicable but freight will be additional and require quotation.

The Wagner contractor airless sprayer models that will increase in price from the first July 2014 are listed below with the new recommended trade prices including GST.

0558009 ProSpray PS3.21 Skid $2,895.00
0558010 ProSpray PS3.23 Skid $3,695.00
0558011 ProSpray PS3.25 Skid $4,295.00
0558012 ProSpray PS3.25 High Boy $4,695.00
0558013 ProSpray PS3.25 Low Boy $4,695.00
0558014 ProSpray PS3.29 High Boy $5,495.00
0558015 ProSpray PS3.29 Low Boy $5,495.00
0558016 ProSpray PS3.31 High Boy $5,995.00
0558017 ProSpray PS3.34 High Boy $6,995.00
0558018 ProSpray PS3.39 High Boy $8,695.00
0311097 Finish F230 Electric Diaphragm $2,495.00
0252041 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm Rigid $4,895.00
0252042 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm with 5 Ltr Hopper $4,895.00
0340065F SuperFinish SF23 Flexible $4,995.00
0340065H20 SuperFinish SF23 with 20 Ltr Hopper $4,995.00
0341055F SuperFinish SF27 Flexible $5,995.00
0341055R SuperFinish SF27 Rigid $5,995.00
0341055H20 SuperFinish SF27 with 20 Ltr Hopper $5,995.00
0341019F SuperFinish SF31 Flexible $6,995.00
0341019R SuperFinish SF31 Rigid $6,995.00
0341019H20 SuperFinish SF31 with 20 Ltr Hopper $6,995.00
0341023G SuperFinish SF31G Petrol $7,295.00
0524010 Finish F230 Aircoat System $5,295.00
0179022DP Electrostatic System $10,995.00
0179022-3IN1 3 in 1 Electrostatic System $11,995.00
2308303 PlastCoat PC430 Spraypack $6,995.00
2308305 PlastCoat PC830 Spraypack $7,995.00
0348030 PlastCoat PC25 Bare $9,995.00
0343002 PlastCoat T25K Flowline Mixer $7,995.00
0528138 LineCoat LC800 Linemarker $8,295.00
0555135 LineCoat LC820 Linemarker $12,995.00
0555145 LineCoat LC840 Linemarker $13,995.00
0555155 LineCoat LC860 Linemarker $14,995.00

Prices effective July 2014 and change may occur without notice made here.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Beat The Next Anest Iwata Price Increase

A price increase affecting may Anest Iwata products will be effective from the 1st March 2014
While it has been announced that this increase will not affect all products it has been indicated that where prices are increased that the increase will be in the range of 4%
If you are thinking of purchasing any Anest Iwata or Air Gunsa products then February is an ideal time to order online and beat the upcoming price increase.

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