Thursday 31 January 2013

Anest Iwata Automatic Spray Guns

Anest Iwata offer a quality range of automatic spray guns which are all available for purchase online at discounted prices from Spray Paint Equipment.
The Anest Iwata SGA100 compact automatic spray gun is a very compact and light automatic spray gun that has been available for a very long time due to its popularity.
There is the Anest Iwata WA101 Compact High TEC automatic spray gun which provides the very high transfer efficiency of the Anest Iwata High TEC technology in a compact automatic spray gun.

The Anest Iwata WA200 High TEC automatic spray gun is a fuller size model which provides the very high transfer efficiency of the Anest Iwata High TEC technology with the higher output capabilities of this auto spray gun.

Check out the 3 Anest Iwata automatic spray gun models and the various options available with each automatic spray gun at

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC Spray Guns

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC has a Certificate of Compliance issued by THATCHAM which certifies that Transfer Efficiency achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were as follows.

Primer: 99.2 percent
Solid Colour: 78.9 percent
Basecoat: 73.8 percent
Clear Lacquer: 77.4 percent

An Anest Iwata W200 High TEC is capable of high transfer efficiency achieving greater than 65 percent onto your job while maintaining high atomisation, even paint coverage and fast operation. The spray gun head is light weight and ergonomic, the spray gun head weighs only 380 grams.

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC is ideal for waterborne materials and perfect for medium to large spray painting jobs.
Available as spray gun head only or with either of the optional 1 litre suction feed pots the LA1000 or PCL.10B.3 and a range of fluid tip sizes and atomising air cap combinations from Spray Paint Equipment Online

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Wagner Finespray Range

we now have the full range of current Wagner FineSpray HVLP paint sprayers available online at
Models include;
  • Wagner FineSpray 213
  • Wagner W670 FineSpray
  • Wagner W610 FineSpray
  • Wagner W560 FineSpray
  • Wagner W550 FineSpray
All FineSprayspray guns featured online are guaranteed 100% Australian OEM distribution sourced stock to ensure customers are receiving an Australian compatible product with local after sales service, warranty and spare parts availability.

Those looking for a spray tanning outfit may wish to add a 0337201 Spray tanning hand gun to the W610 or even the W670 FineSpray packages.

Monday 28 January 2013

Wagner Airless Spray Tip

Wagner Trade Tip is a reversible airless spray tip range which is supplied with a compatible seal and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes.
Typical spray pattern fan widths available in the Wagner Trade tip range are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches wide.
Trade Tip orifice size options begin at 0.007" and include 0.009", 0.011", 0.013", 0.015", 0.017", 0.019", 0.021", 0.023", 0.025", 0.027", 0.029", 0.031", 0.033", 0.035", 0.039", 0.043", 0.052", 0.061", 0.063", and 0.067" consult the Wagner Trade Tip size availability chart to confirm available fan pattern width and orifice size combinations.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Airless Pogo Pumps

Pneumatic airless pogo pumps are a popular system for applying adhesives, especially from drums with only bung openings. Typically 2:1 ratio these compressed air driven double acting piston pumps can be inserted into a 200 litre (55 gallon) drum via the bung opening in the drum and material is delivered to pressure feed spray guns via a fluid hose between the pump and spray gun.
This system eliminates the need to decant material into other containers such as spray gun pots or pressure pots which saves a lot of time and reduces waste, clean up and potential mess.

Binks offer several pogo pump solutions including the Binks 812491 2:1 Pogo Plus Pump Stainless Steel 200L model which features the following performance specifications.
  • Air Inlet Pressure 0-150 psi (0-10.3 bar)
  • Fluid Pressure Range 0-300 psi (0-24.2 bar)
  • Max. Recommended Cycles/Min 120
  • Displacement per Cycle 8.28 cubic inches
  • Volume per Cycle 4.59 oz. (135.6 ml)
  • Cycles per Gallon 27.9
  • Flow @ 60 Cycles/Minute 2.15 gpm (8.14 lpm)
  • Noise Level @ 100psi 80 db(A)
The Binks 2:1 Pogo can be configured into a package to suit your requirements with custom fluid and air hose sets and pressure feed spray guns of your preference. Contact Spray Paint Equipment for assistance with customisation of your pogo pump package via

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Wagner Power Sprayers SprayGun.Net.Au

A new catalogue group category of the electric airless Wagner Power Sprayer range created to help browse this popular range of handy person and hobby use spray guns online.
Models include the W95 Fence Sprayer and the W140P Power Sprayer, W180P Power Sprayer and W450SE Power Sprayers.

Additionally a Power Sprayer W180P set is available with the set comprising of
With a Wagner PSACCPACK Power sprayer accessories pack included comprising of the following genuine Wagner accessories.
  • Includes round nozzle 0.8mm No 0046903
  • Includes round nozzle 0.4mm No 0046891
  • Includes flexible nozzle No 0046675
  • Includes 3 x spare swirl valve black No 0209041
  • Includes 3 x spare swirl valve white No 0209042

Monday 21 January 2013

Anest Iwata Airfed Breathing Mask

Anest Iwata Airfed 2100 breathing mask complies with AS/NZS 1716-1994 Respiratory Protective Devices and has been developed with the operator in mind, the mask is functional, stylish, comfortable and lightweight. Anest Iwata Airfed Mask is a positive pressure safety device to ensure no airborne contaminants can enter a wearers air breathing space.
Available Options
  • AF2010HEAD Airfed head assembly only, no nape cover, belt or regulator.
  • AF2100 Full face airfed mask kit including belt, regulator and filter.
  • AF2109 Airfed mask kit including 10 metres of breathing hose
  • AF2109C Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose and coalescer
  • AF2109CFR 2 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, CFR112 2 stage combination filter regulator and coalescer.
  • AF2109CFRC 3 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, CFRC112 3 Stage combination filter regulator, coalescer and carbon filter.
  • AF2109MT 4 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, and Martech 4 stage filter regulator.
Any of these Anest Iwata air fed mask systems may be purchased online along with Anest Iwata AF2100 Airfed Breathing Mask Accessories from the same online store 

Sunday 20 January 2013

Wagner WallPerfect Paint Sprayers

Wagner patented WallPerfect paint sprayers provides a unique spray pattern which mimics the effect of a rolled finish but is up to three times faster than a paint roller.

Wagner WallPerfect W665, W867E and W985E utilize revolutionary, patented technology to help  DIY painters get their painting jobs done fast. These models have been specifically designed to spray interior walls and ceilings, and they replace the need for paint brushes and rollers.

hours cleaning up after the painting is complete is a thing of the past with WallPerfect as clean-up is a easy and requires very little water. The Wagner W985E even cleans itself in just a few minutes.

Wagner WallPerfect W665, W867E and W985E are best suited to spray walls and ceilings using water based acrylic paints.

A great video from Wagner demonstrating the Wagner WallPerfect sprayers is below.

Accessories and common consumables for the Wagner WallPerfect range is available for purchase online.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Wagner 0558018 ProSpray 3.39 Airless Sprayer

Wagner 0558018 ProSpray 3.39 high boy airless spray unit for large production residential, roofing, commercial, maintenance, industrial applications and projects requiring more than one gun to be used off the one spray machine.
  • Long stroking piston
  • Retractable telescopic handle for compact storage
  • New angled cart design for one man loading and unloading
  • Quick-release fluid section (without tools)
  • Low mounted inlet valve providing greater intake power
  • New tilt cart feature for easy change over of paint drums
  • Max Tip Size 1 Gun: 0.039”
  • Max Tip Size 2 Guns: 0.026”
  • Max Hose Length: 90 mtr
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Motor Rating: 3.6 HP / 2.68 kW
  • Recommended Annual Usage: 50,000 litres
  • Max Flow Rate: 5.0 l/min
  • Max Pressure: 3335 psi

Spray Paint Pressure Pots

A wide range of spray painting pressure pots from Anest Iwata, Star and Workquip are available for purchase online from

Pressure pots are grouped by size as linked to below for ease of locating a pot in the size required and there is also a handy grouping of hose and hose assemblies to suit pressure pots and double diaphragm paint pumps.
Find a pressure pot in the size you require by following the below links.

If you need a spray gun and hose assembly complete then the category of pressure feed spray painting guns complete with pressure pot or double diaphragm pump and hoses will help to quickly locate a compatible package by following the below subcategory links.
All stock is genuine Australian sourced stock to ensure national spare parts and warranty backup into the future.

Friday 18 January 2013

Anest Iwata Spray Guns

Extensive range of Anest Iwata and Air Gunsa spray guns available for purchase online from spray paint equipment, accessories and spare parts.

At the main Anest Iwata spray gun product group page find spray gun equipment grouped as follows
Head on over to the online store to compare brands, models, specifications and prices.

Wagner FineSprayer HVLP

Wagner DIY and semi professional portable HVLP FineSpray outfits feature 5 models to suit a wide range of different coating application tasks.
The Wagner 0417003 W550 FineSpray is a hand held unit where the HVLP turbine is enclosed in the actual spray gun itself as pictured above.

Another option is the pictured above Wagner 0417032 W560 FineSpray with 1400ml container which features 2 spray heads which can be attached, removed and swapped quickly and easily for additional versatility plus higher performance from the larger HVLP turbine.

The Wagner 2307650 W610 FineSpray pictured above is the next model in their range and this model comprises of a separate HVLP turbine and spray gun connected with a 180 CM hose. This model is popular with professional spray tanning especially with the addition of the Wagner 0337201 Spray tanning hand gun pictured below with a W610 FineSprayer
Wagner W600 Spray Gun with a W610 Fine Sprayer.

A Wagner 2307653 W670 FineSpray unit as pictured above has a more powerful HVLP turbine which makes this model capable of higher outputs and the capability of handling more viscous fluids and paints.

The Wagner 0420012 FineSpray 213 HVLP is the largest in the DIY and semi professional turbine HVLP paint sprayer range and features a much more powerful turbine with a metal frame for protection and ease of carrying along with a higher level spray gun with additional adjustments and controls and a metal paint cup. The FineSpray 213 also features a handy internal storage compartment and a hose storage reel.

Easily compare features, specifications and prices and purchase Wagner FineSpray online at where all the above Wagner models are listed for sale.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Anest Iwata Airless Spray Gun

Airless spray unit operators who spend long hours continually spray painting will really appreciate the Anest Iwata airless spray gun due to its compact light weight design and extremely light trigger pull.

There are 5 model variants as follows;

  • ALG-7 Anest Iwata Airless Spray Gun with no tip
  • ALG-7 Anest Iwata Airless Spray Gun with Reversible tip guard no tip
  • ALG-7WB Anest Iwata Blue Waterbourne Airless Spray Gun with no tip
  • ALG-7WBR Anest Iwata Blue Waterbourne Airless Spray Gun with Reversible tip guard no tip
  • ALG-72 Anest Iwata 2 Finger Trigger Airless Spray Gun with no tip
These operator friendly ergonomic airless spray guns feature in line filtration in the spray gun handle, high pressure airless hose swivels and safety guards and trigger safety locks.

Any of the Anset Iwata airless spray gun models can be purchased direct online from Spray Paint Equipment at discounted pricing.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Limited Time Hot Deal Anest Iwata LS400 Supernova

We have just posted a hot deal over at on Anest Iwata LS400 Supernova select models with pricing that is more than half regular list pricing.

Be quick these are only available while the current stock lasts and the offer will end on any remaining stock, if any at the beginning of the last week in February 2013

The latest in HVLP technologySuperior atomisation with patented split nozzle technology
Available in two configurations: Gold air cap for base coat applications and Platinum air cap for clear coat applications
Designed in conjunction with PININFARINA, the Italian design house renowned for some of history’s top car designs, to produce a gun that combines elegance with the ultimate in spray gun design
Optimal ergonomics distributes weight and balance through the wrist, reduces the risk of repetitive strains making this gun a pleasure to use.

Get the Anest Iwata LS400 Supernova deal online here

Models available;

  • LS4001303 LS 400 Base coat Gun with 600 ml pot 1.3 mm
  • LS4001403 LS 400 Base coat Gun with 600 ml pot 1.4 mm
  • LS4001304 LS 400 Clear coat Gun with 600 ml pot 1.3 mm
  • LS4001404 LS 400 Clear coat Gun with 600 ml pot 1.4 mm

Pressure Feed Spray Guns By Nozzle Size

Online store has a great range of pressure feed spray gun heads available for purchase with options to easily group all available options by nozzle or fluid tip size across all brands.
These links below are to each pressure feed spray gun fluid tip size category.
Additional website menus allow customers to easily browse available products for sale by pressure feed spray gun brand or type such as HVLP or LVLP etc

Featured air spray gun brands available are linked below for your convenience.

Monday 14 January 2013

Double Diaphragm Pumps

Article describing the difference between using a double diaphragm pump instead of a paint pressure pot and some of the most common pros and cons of each system.

A great range of double diaphragm pumps is available online at and more double diaphragm pump options with parts and accessories at

Workquip Stainless Steel Double Diaphragm Pump
If a pressure pot is what you are seeking then has a truly extensive range of paint pressure pot options available online with sizes from 2 litre to 20 litre and many pressure pot, hose and pressure feed spray gun kit package options are also listed for sale online at reduced prices.

Star V3 2000 spray Gun 2 Litre Pressure Pot and 2 Meter Hose Set

Sunday 13 January 2013

Wagner ProSpray Airless Sprayer Range

Anyone looking for great pricing on the Wagner ProSpray airless paint sprayer range can purchase online direct from Spray Gun Online.

All available 100% genuine Australian release Wagner PS models are featured including the PS3.21, PS32.3, PS3.25, PS3.29, PS3.31, PS26G, PS3.34 and PS3.39 in skid, low boy and high boy where available.

All stock is only ever sourced from Wagner Australia to ensure you receive national warranty cover and ongoing parts and accessory compatibility in the future.

Wagner ProSpray Models
0558009 ProSpray PS 3.21 skid
0558010 ProSpray PS 3.23 skid
0558011 ProSpray PS 3.25 skid
0558013 ProSpray PS 3.25 low boy
0558014 ProSpray PS 3.29 high boy
0558015 ProSpray PS 3.29 low boy
0558016 ProSpray PS 3.31 high boy
0509076 ProSpray PS 26G petrol
0558017 ProSpray PS 3.34 high boy
0558018 ProSpray PS 3.39 high boy

Wagner Power Sprayers

A complete range of Wagner Power sprayers, accessories and parts are  available for purchase from Spray Gun Online and shipping is currently free for orders above $200.00 for most delivery locations within Australia.

Wagner W450SE pictured above is the highest featured and performing model of the Power Sprayer electric airless spray gun range.

Wagner W180P pictured above is a very popular general purpose model within the Wagner Power Sprayer range.

Wagner W140P, image above, is another popular general purpose airless Power Sprayer capable of spraying most acrylic hose paints.

Wagner W95 Fence Sprayer is a great lighter weight airless paint sprayer for spraying light bodies materials such as stains and preservative oils.