Sunday 5 May 2013

Wagner Air Assisted Airless

Air assisted airless spray painting when set up and used correctly can achieve transfer efficiencies that in many cases exceed what is possible with spray painting systems such as HVLP, high volume low pressure, and LVLP, low volume low pressure. Another benefit from using air assisted airless spray is much higher application speeds which are really only bettered by straight airless spray painting systems.
Wagner offer a comprehensive range of air assisted airless spray systems for both contractor and industrial and manufacturer applications.
For example the Wagner 2309802 20:30 aircoat spray pack on stand is ideal for light industry, fabrication, cabinetry and applications where a superior fine finish is required and is supplied complete on a stand with suction set, dual compressed air regulators, a high pressure paint filter, 10m of ultra flexible twinned air and fluid hose, Wagner AC4600 Aircoat spray gun complete with green atomising air cap and spray tip of your choice.

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