Sunday 24 February 2013

Anest Iwata Air Fed Mask

The complete range of Anest Iwata AF2100 air fed full face breathing mask systems are available for purchase online from www.SprayGun.NET.AU

Anest Iwata AF2100 air fed breathing mask model range includes the following configured options;

  • AF2010HEAD Airfed head assembly only, no nape cover, belt or regulator.
  • AF2100 Full face airfed mask kit including belt, regulator and filter.
  • AF2109 Airfed mask kit including 10 metres of breathing hose
  • AF2109C Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose and coalescer
  • AF2109CFR 2 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, CFR112 2 stage combination filter regulator and coalescer.
  • AF2109CFRC 3 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, CFRC112 3 Stage combination filter regulator, coalescer and carbon filter.
  • AF2109MT 4 Stage Airfed mask kit, including 10 metres of breathing hose, and Martech 4 stage filter regulator.
Additionally an extensive range of Anest Iwata AF2100 accessories and spare parts are available to purchase online for the Anest Iwata AF2100 model range from the same online spray painting equipment store.

Saturday 23 February 2013

Anest Iwata Price Rise

Beat the next Anest Iwata price increase.

Anest Iwata price increases will take effect in the next week so now is the time to act and save buy purchasing at today's discounted prices.

A wide range of air spray guns from Anest Iwata are available for purchase direct on AirSprayGun.NET Anest Iwata and also at www.SprayGun.NET.AU

Additionally literally the entire current Anest Iwata spray paint equipment range is available for ordering direct online at reduced pricing from SprayGunOnline.COM.AU

From next weekend the 1st March 2013 all Anest Iwata spray paint equipment pricing on these sites will be progressively updated so get all orders in early, and save.

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Spray Paint Equipment Additional Discount For EFT

Web sites that add a surcharge on the prices once you proceed to checkout annoy us too. www.SprayGun.Net.AU have implemented a different approach.

All their other payment surcharge costs were absorbed into the already discounted prices, but this could be deemed as unfair to anyone wishing to pay by direct deposit or EFT.

On checkout now from www.SprayGun.Net.AU selecting the direct deposit option will discount all orders by an additional 2.5%. The additional 2.5% discount will be confirmed on the review order page and can also be checked by refreshing the check out page after selecting direct deposit as your payment option. do not receive the 2.5% anyway, so why should customers pay for this if they are not using the payment systems that incur these costs.

Thursday 14 February 2013

Star New Century V3 Mini LVLP Gravity Spray Gun

A popular mini gravity spray gun featuring low volume low pressure LVLP technology is the Star New Century Gold V3 Mini LVLP in opptions of 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.2mm fluid tip setups. These spray guns are fitted standard with a 250ml gravity feed pot and a compelling feature for many with limited compressed air flow id the low 100 to 150 litres per minute of air consumption.
Full model option specifications are as follows;
Model Fluid Nozzle Air Pressure Air Consumption Air Compressor
Number mm psi l / min cfm
SLV106TF-08G 0.8 15-19 100-150 3 - 4.5
SLV106TF-10G 1.0 15-19 100-150 3 - 4.5
SLV106TF-12G 1.2 15-19 100-150 3 - 4.5

Star New Century V3 Mini LVLP Gravity Spray Gun available for purchase online at great prices from  www.SprayGun.Net.AU

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Find Air Spray Guns By Brand have structured their online store in a browsable book layout where shoppers can begin a search buy brand such as Anest IwataDeVilbiss or Star and read overviewss of each brand before continuing on with each spray gun brands sub group such as Gravity, Pressure or Suction feed type spray guns.
For example the links for Anest Iwata are broken down into Anest Iwata Gravity RangeAnest Iwata Pressure Range and Anest Iwata Suction Range while DeVilbiss are similar with DeVilbiss Gravity RangeDeVilbiss Pressure and DeVilbiss Suction and the same for Star spray guns with browsable categories of Star GravityStar Pressure Range and Star Suction Range. also has the handy products grouping of spray guns in each configuration of gravity, pressure and suction feeds by fluid nozzle size which we wrote about a few days ago. is specialised in high quality air spray painting guns on line at low prices.

Wagner Airless Power Sprayer Accessories

Updated photos and information for Wagner airless Power Sprayer accessories at SprayGunOnline.Com.AU to browse and most of these items are usually same day of order shipping provided orders are received early enough in the day to dispatch. More photos and descriptions to come soon.

0209058 0209058 Viscosity cup small D 2 1mm $8.70
0050342 0050342 Viscosity cup standard $10.80
0402904 0402904 Container and lid 600ml W95 $15.95
0413909 0413909 Container and lid 800ml W140 W180 W450 $16.20
Swirl Valve White 3-pack for water based paints 0209042 0209042 Swirl valve acrylic white 3pk $19.95
Swirl Valve Black (3-pack) for solvent based paints 0209041 0209041 Swirl valve enamel black 3pk $19.95
Wagner 0046675 Flexible tip extension to Suit airless Power Sprayers 0046675 0046675 Flexible tip extension $21.95
0046894 0046894 Cone jet nozzle 0.5mm acrylic $21.95
Wagner 0046906 Cone jet nozzle 1.0mm acrylic 0046906 0046906 Cone jet nozzle 1.0mm acrylic $21.95
0413910 Suction ext W95/140/180/450 0413910 0413910 Suction ext W95/140/180/450 $21.95
0.4mm Cone Jet Nozzle for solvent based paints and stains 0046891 0046891 Cone jet nozzle 0.4mm enamel $21.95
0046903 0046903 Cone jet nozzle 0.8mm acrylic $21.95
0209045 0209045 Needle jet nozzle $21.95
0209038 0209038 Container and lid 800ml W400SE $26.95
0272129 Back pack 4L 0272129 0272129 Back pack 4L $49.95
Accessory Pack Suits Wagner Power Sprayer Electric Airless Sprayers PSACCPACK PSACCPACK Power sprayer accessories pack $49.95          

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Find Gravity Spray Gun By Nozzle Size

Anyone looking for a gravity feed spray gun wanting to browse a range of available options grouped by the fluid needle and nozzle size can do this easily at where all listed gravity feed spray guns from Air Gunsa, Anest Iwata, DeVilbiss, Samson, Star Classic, Star New Century and Workquip are tagged by nozzle size for quick access to the spray gun setup options you need.

Just use the navigation menu down the right hand side of the main site content;

Monday 11 February 2013

New Spray Gun Online Specials

Reduced pricing for SEL.11 2Spray 8 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Set and Filter Strainer RPF2000 Reusable Filter 150 Micron Pack X 10 at updated today these deals are a good add on to any regular spray gun orders along with the other paint strainer options available at special prices.
Don't forget to check out the Anest Iwata cased spray gun set deals at stock is limited and these deals don't have very long left to run. Currently the following 3 options are available;

More spray paint equipment special deals will be added this week to both these online stores.

Friday 8 February 2013

0528138 LineCoat 800 Line Marker

Now available for purchase online at great pricing the Wagner 0528138 LineCoat 800 Hydraulic Powered Piston Linemarker is ideal for car parks and sports grounds.
Comes complete with One Gun on Three-Wheeler Trolley with lock in jockey wheel, Flexible Suction System, AG-08 Gun, Line Striping Tip, Base, 15 metre Airless Hose and Quick Release Gun Holder for Stencil Work.
  • Maximum Spray Tip 1 Gun - 0.030"
  • Maximum Pressure - 3300psi
  • Maximum Flow Rate - 3.2 litres per minute
  • Weight - 63. kg
  • Motor - 4.5 Hp Petrol Subaru

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Metal Cased Spray Gun Deals

More new metal cased spray gun package deals released earlier today at SprayGun.Net.AU that are time and current stock availability limited. These deals expire before the end of March or earlier if current stock availability runs out. Additional deals will be made available over the next few days currently these deals are live and available for purchase online.
Anyone looking to purchase quantities of 5 or 10 special package deals should contact us for pricing and shipping details.

Current package deals include the following options;
Anyone requiring flexibility with package deal spray gun set up options outside the advertised metal cased spray gun package deals should contact us with their spray gun requirements for pricing and availability.

More deals will be advised soon.

Monday 4 February 2013

Great Nylon Mesh Strainer Deals Online today slashed pricing on nylon mesh conical paint strainers in either 250 piece dispenser packs or 4 x 250 piece dispenser packs, totalling 1000 filters, per carton.
Mesh size options include 220 micron medium, 190 micron fine and 125 micron super fine nylon strainer options.
Savings off list price equal $8.85 off single dispenser packs of 250 filters and up to $46.83 off each carton price of 1000 nylon mesh filters in 4 dispenser packs of 250 each per pack.
Check out these latest spray paint equipment deals and purchase conical paper nylon mesh strainers online at great pricing from

Friday 1 February 2013

Binks Devilbiss And Samson Online

Some time ago we published the complete price list for Binks, DeVilbiss and Samson online at with part number description and list prices excluding and including GST.

Although does not yet have the full range available online everything in this list is available to purchase online from under the full range can be browsed under the Finishing Bands category.

The easiest way to find any spray paint equipment online including Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg and Samson products is using the search function with either the manufacturer part number or its description.
As always anyone requiring assistance via email or by telephone can use the contact page at Spray Gun Online