Wednesday 30 January 2013

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC Spray Guns

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC has a Certificate of Compliance issued by THATCHAM which certifies that Transfer Efficiency achieved with the materials detailed in the test report were as follows.

Primer: 99.2 percent
Solid Colour: 78.9 percent
Basecoat: 73.8 percent
Clear Lacquer: 77.4 percent

An Anest Iwata W200 High TEC is capable of high transfer efficiency achieving greater than 65 percent onto your job while maintaining high atomisation, even paint coverage and fast operation. The spray gun head is light weight and ergonomic, the spray gun head weighs only 380 grams.

Anest Iwata W200 High TEC is ideal for waterborne materials and perfect for medium to large spray painting jobs.
Available as spray gun head only or with either of the optional 1 litre suction feed pots the LA1000 or PCL.10B.3 and a range of fluid tip sizes and atomising air cap combinations from Spray Paint Equipment Online

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