Tuesday 23 April 2013

Wagner W95 Fence Sprayer

Pick up a Wagner W95 Fence Sprayer hand held electric airless spray gun online from spraygunonline.com.au or spraygun.net.au Wagner 95 Fence Sprayer and easily spray fence stains and wood preservatives at much faster application rates compared to applying these types of finishes with a paint brush or paint roller.

A Wagner W95 can be used for many typical painting tasks around the home, especially fences. Wagner promote the W95 as perfect for spraying, lacquers, polishes, preservatives, synthetic resin primers or stains and a precise control of the spray output delivery can be achieved due to the Wagner Output Control System. Wagner W95 Fence Sprayer Specifications
  • Power 70 W
  • Max Delivery 140 g/min
  • Max Spraying Pressure 120 bar
  • Viscosity 60 DIN-sec.
  • Paint Container Capacity 600 ml
  • Includes round nozzle 0.8mm for optimal spray pattern

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