Friday 1 March 2013

Anest Iwata Price Increase Now Effective

An Anest Iwata price change is effective 01 March 2013. Spray Paint Equipment did not obtain the new pricing until midday 1-3-2013. As we require further pricing clarification before we can update prices, Anest Iwata products purchased from this site are now subject to change until we have received clarification early next week and updated prices accordingly.
Not all products have changed price and while some Anest Iwata products have increased in price others appear to have decreased. If any Anest Iwata product is purchased has increased we will endeavor to hold the price, but if we are unable to as a result of a loss, we will offer a new break even price or option to refund in full. If Anest Iwata product is purchased that will decrease in the coming week we will refund the difference. If product is purchased that has not changed there there will be no change. Please be assured this is out of our control and we will be working a quickly as possible from Monday onwards to update all Anest Iwata online pricing.

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