Tuesday 19 February 2013

Spray Paint Equipment Additional Discount For EFT

Web sites that add a surcharge on the prices once you proceed to checkout annoy us too. www.SprayGun.Net.AU have implemented a different approach.

All their other payment surcharge costs were absorbed into the already discounted prices, but this could be deemed as unfair to anyone wishing to pay by direct deposit or EFT.

On checkout now from www.SprayGun.Net.AU selecting the direct deposit option will discount all orders by an additional 2.5%. The additional 2.5% discount will be confirmed on the review order page and can also be checked by refreshing the check out page after selecting direct deposit as your payment option.

www.SprayGun.Net.au do not receive the 2.5% anyway, so why should customers pay for this if they are not using the payment systems that incur these costs.

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