Wednesday 24 August 2016

Spray Paint Equipment Parts

An extensive range of high quality paint spray equipment parts and accessories which are made in the USA is available for purchase online and there are volume based discount codes available which make pricing very competetive.

Current Paint Sprayer Parts Online discount codes on offer are as follows;

  • Code 5OFF applies 5% discount off any order valued at $50.00 or more before tax
  • Code 10OFF applies 10% discount off any order valued at $100.00 or more before tax
  • Code 20OFF applies 20% discount off any order valued at $200.00 or more before tax
Links to paint sprayer parts online catalog top level items are copied below.

Airless Spray Tips

 Airless Repair Kits

Airless Piston Rods

 Airless Filters

 Airless Gun Parts and Repair Kits
 Airless Pump Service Kits

Airless Pump Cylinders

Wagner Airless Gun Repair Kits

Inlet Strainers and Suction Filters

Reversible Airless Spray Tips Buy Online

A new range of contractor quality reversible airless spray tips are now available for purchase online at great prices. this range of reversible airless spray tips usually exceeds the life span you would expect to get from the big brand name airless spray tips and the price is much lower than pricing of the big brand name spray tips.

There is a wide range of reversible airless spray tip and seal assembly sizes in stock and available for purchase online at great low prices. These high quality reversible airless tips are made in the USA and feature a 345 Bar, 5000 PSI working pressure.

The range of reversible airless spray tips will fit most popular brands of airless spray tip holder/guard assemblies except for the Graco RAC X which is not compatible. There is a range of compatible reversible airless spray tip retainer and guards available to suit airless spray guns with either the 7/8 inch "G" nut or the 11/16 inch "F" nut. These airless spray tip and solvent resistant reversible airless spray tip seal assemblies are notably compatible with Graco RAC V, Titan SC6 and Wagner Trade Tip 2 reversible airless spray systems and many others in common circulation these days.

Typical contractor reaction to these airless spray tips is as follows;
Houston, TX - "Performance that outlasts the OEM's best tips"
Cleveland, OH - "Same excellent quality that you would expect from Bedford"
Los Angeles, CA - "Best tips we've ever used, longest lasting, clean pattern, great price"

Below is a table of currently stocked reversible airless spray tip sizes available for purchase online today.

ize Inch Size mm Flow gpm Flow lpm 4-6" 100-150
6-8" 150-200
8-10" 200-250
10-12" 250-300
12-14" 300-350
14-16" 350-400
16-18" 400-460
0.007 0.1778 0.05 0.189271 33-7207
0.009 0.2286 0.09 0.340687 33-7209 77-7309
0.011 0.2794 0.12 0.454249 33-7211 33-7311 33-7411 33-7511
0.013 0.3302 0.18 0.681374 33-7213 33-7313 33-7413 33-7513
0.015 0.381 0.24 0.908499 33-7215 33-7315 33-7415 33-7515 33-7615
0.017 0.4318 0.31 1.17348 33-7217 33-7317 33-7417 33-7517 33-7617 33-7717
0.019 0.4826 0.38 1.3846 33-7219 33-7319 33-7419 33-7519 33-7619 33-7819
0.021 0.5334 0.47 1.77914 33-7321 33-7421 33-7521 33-7621 33-7721
0.023 0.5842 0.57 2.15768 33-7323 33-7423 33-7523 33-7623 33-7723
0.025 0.635 0.67 2.53623 33-7325 33-7425 33-7525 33-7625 33-7725
0.027 0.6858 0.77 2.91477 33-7327 33-7427 33-7527 33-7627
0.029 0.7366 0.90 3.4087 33-7429 33-7529 33-7629
0.031 0.7874 1.03 3.898974 33-7431 33-7531 33-7631
0.033 0.8382 1.17 4.428932 33-7633
0.035 0.889 1.31 4.958889 33-7535 33-7635

Spray Gun Online Specials

There are currently some great specials available at Spray Gun Online while these very limited current stock lasts. Most of these spray paint equipment deals may not be repeated ever again at these drastically reduced prices.

2Spray Products;
Anest Iwata NEW77 Spray Guns
Star New Century Spray Guns

Wednesday 16 September 2015

Airlessco LP Series Pump Repacking

Fit the Airlessco 331210 fluid pump repacking kit following these steps.

Remove the fluid pump as instructed in the manual for your Airlessco airless sprayer. Ensure the inlet valve assembly including the ball cage has been removed from the pump then unscrew the packing nut and push the piston assembly down and out through the bottom of the pump.

Remove the upper packing's, belleville springs, tube spacer and lower packing set. If a packing removal tool is not available wrapping tape around the lower section of the piston and pushing the piston back up through the pump can often remove all packing's from the cylinder.

Disassemble all parts and discard old packing's seals and O Rings. Clean all parts and check piston for any wear. Check pump cylinder for any damage from paint tracking or stretching as a result of excessive pressure. Replace piston if any signs of wear or scarring is visible with a bare 331708 piston or a 331093 piston rod assembly which includes the upper outlet seat and ball.

Soak all the leather packing's from the Airlessco 331210 packing kit in light oil for at least 10 or 15 minutes.

Begin by placing over the piston the lower male adaptor facing up and then place one of the largest white V packing's facing down followed by the white female/female adaptor. Next all take the remaining largest white and largest leather packing's and begin with a white packing facing up then leather and alternate teflon leather until there are 5 white V packing's and 4 leather V packing's facing up with each leather V packing separated by a white V packing then place the remaining large white male gland facing down to finish the lower packing stack.

Once the packing assembly is fitted to the lower section of the piston with the all the "V" side facing up except for the one white "V" at the bottom facing down, via the top of the piston fit the tube spacer and the 3 Belleville spring washers with the first Belleville spring washer concave facing down the next up and the last facing down again.

Next fit the smaller white male adaptor facing up then one of the smaller white V Packing's then a leather V Packing, another white V Packing followed by the other leather V Packing then the last white V Packing and finally the last remaining white female gland facing down.

Fit the white and black O Rings to the outer grooves of the seal holder the viton black O ring at the top and white teflon O Ring below.

Lubricate the outside edges of all the V Packing's top and bottom with lithium grease and then slide the seal holder over the upper set of assembled V Packing's.

Lubricate the threads on the inside of the pump cylinder with grease.

Fit the piston with assembled packing's and seal holder back into the pump cylinder from the top and then install the packing nut hand tight.

Refit the fluid pump as instructed in the manual.

Adjust packing's after slowly cycling the pump to ensure correct installation by tightening the packing nut until resistance is felt against the Belleville springs and then tighten one half turn more. Add throat seal oil to the wet cup and then run pump at full pressure with test liquid such as water. Release all pressure and once again loosen the packing nut sightly then tighten until resistance against the Belleville springs is felt then turn the packing nut one half turn more.

Airlessco 331210 packing kit

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Wagner Airless Sprayer Price Increase

Effective 1st July 2014 Wagner Airless Sprayers will increase in price so now is the time to take additional advantage of the end of financial year and grab a bargain using the discount coupon WAGNER$1000+ over at

The above discount coupon will apply a discount to all Wagner products in a cart at checkout where the combined value of the contained Wagner products exceeds $1000.00

This should also apply free shipping to most locations within Australia and a further 2.5% discount will be applied to the entire order for payments made by bank transfer. Overseas purchasers can save even further as GST is not applicable but freight will be additional and require quotation.

The Wagner contractor airless sprayer models that will increase in price from the first July 2014 are listed below with the new recommended trade prices including GST.

0558009 ProSpray PS3.21 Skid $2,895.00
0558010 ProSpray PS3.23 Skid $3,695.00
0558011 ProSpray PS3.25 Skid $4,295.00
0558012 ProSpray PS3.25 High Boy $4,695.00
0558013 ProSpray PS3.25 Low Boy $4,695.00
0558014 ProSpray PS3.29 High Boy $5,495.00
0558015 ProSpray PS3.29 Low Boy $5,495.00
0558016 ProSpray PS3.31 High Boy $5,995.00
0558017 ProSpray PS3.34 High Boy $6,995.00
0558018 ProSpray PS3.39 High Boy $8,695.00
0311097 Finish F230 Electric Diaphragm $2,495.00
0252041 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm Rigid $4,895.00
0252042 Finish F370 Electric Diaphragm with 5 Ltr Hopper $4,895.00
0340065F SuperFinish SF23 Flexible $4,995.00
0340065H20 SuperFinish SF23 with 20 Ltr Hopper $4,995.00
0341055F SuperFinish SF27 Flexible $5,995.00
0341055R SuperFinish SF27 Rigid $5,995.00
0341055H20 SuperFinish SF27 with 20 Ltr Hopper $5,995.00
0341019F SuperFinish SF31 Flexible $6,995.00
0341019R SuperFinish SF31 Rigid $6,995.00
0341019H20 SuperFinish SF31 with 20 Ltr Hopper $6,995.00
0341023G SuperFinish SF31G Petrol $7,295.00
0524010 Finish F230 Aircoat System $5,295.00
0179022DP Electrostatic System $10,995.00
0179022-3IN1 3 in 1 Electrostatic System $11,995.00
2308303 PlastCoat PC430 Spraypack $6,995.00
2308305 PlastCoat PC830 Spraypack $7,995.00
0348030 PlastCoat PC25 Bare $9,995.00
0343002 PlastCoat T25K Flowline Mixer $7,995.00
0528138 LineCoat LC800 Linemarker $8,295.00
0555135 LineCoat LC820 Linemarker $12,995.00
0555145 LineCoat LC840 Linemarker $13,995.00
0555155 LineCoat LC860 Linemarker $14,995.00

Prices effective July 2014 and change may occur without notice made here.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Beat The Next Anest Iwata Price Increase

A price increase affecting may Anest Iwata products will be effective from the 1st March 2014
While it has been announced that this increase will not affect all products it has been indicated that where prices are increased that the increase will be in the range of 4%
If you are thinking of purchasing any Anest Iwata or Air Gunsa products then February is an ideal time to order online and beat the upcoming price increase.

Spray Paint Equipment

Anest Iwata spray equipment
Anest Iwata

Air Gunsa spray paint equipment
Air Gunsa

Wednesday 23 October 2013

Anest Iwata W400 BellAria Spray Guns

Anest Iwata have improved the W400 LV2 air cap by releasing two new air caps featuring Flat & Thin Technology TM

There is an air cap paired with the 1.0 and 1.2 mm models that consumes only 250 litres per minute of compressed air while the air cap designed for the 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 mm models consumes a low 270 litres per minute of compressed air.

These Anest Iwata BellAria atomising air caps deliver a stable and even spray fan pattern shape and are perfect for Clear Coat HS.

These new model Anest Iwata W400 BelAria can be ordered online now from in the Anest Iwata W400 Catalogue category.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Wagner Project 115 Airless Paint Sprayer Valve Replacement

Repair a Wagner Project 115 airless paint sprayer valves with these parts and procedure.
First obtain the following parts if wear or corrosion is suspected.

  • Part number 0418714 inlet valve repair kit
  • Part number 0504813 inlet valve tool
  • Part number 0515502 inlet valve sleeve if required

  1. Download Wagner Project Airless 115 manual refer to figure 20
  2. Remove the hopper.  Loosen the locknut by turning anticlockwise.
  3. Remove the inlet sleeve (1) with a suitable tool (e.g. socket SW 11).
  4. Inspect the threads on the inlet sleeve and the inlet sleeve O-ring (2).  Remove any accumulated paint.
  5. To remove the inlet valve, place the assembly aid (8) on a socket (6) with a 5/8” insert (7). Insert the inlet valve tool into the inlet valve (a). Remove the inlet valve screw connection by unscrewing anticlockwise from the housing.
  6. Retrieve the inlet valve (9) and the inlet valve O-ring (10) from the inlet valve housing. Clean or replace and lubricate the O-ring with a light household oil.  
  7. Set the inlet valve O-ring (10) back into the housing, and set the inlet valve (9) on top of it.
  8. Replace inlet fitting (8) into the housing. Tighten with the inlet valve tool (7) and ratchet (4, 5, 6).
  9. Replace the seal (3).  Place the inlet sleeve O-ring (2) onto the inlet valve fitting (9), and replace the inlet sleeve (1) by twisting it clockwise.
  10. Replace the hopper.

Saturday 12 October 2013

Replacement for Wagner Airless Tips

Available for purchase online direct are the full range of airless spray tips which are genuine Australian only stock and made in the USA.

The range of reversible airless spray tips available for purchase online include a solvent resistant seal and seat assembly with each spray tip and are a direct replacement for the Wagner TradeTip2 the Graco RAC V and the Titan SC6 series reversible airless spray tips.

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    Friday 2 August 2013

    ASM Spray Equipment Online

    A range of ASM spray painting spare parts are now available for purchase online direct from Spray Paint Equipment who offer one of the most extensive ranges of spray painting equipment, sprate parts and accessories for sale on the net.

    The well known ASM brand name is now owned and backed by Graco who are one of the largest manufacturers of spray painting equipment world wide.

    Check out the ASM parts catalogue on for the ASM spray equipment parts range for current pricing and to purchase ASM spray gear parts online quickly and easily without fuss.

    ASM have operated since 1967 and have built a reputation of supplying quality airless spray equipment and designing airless sprayers and accessories with a painters needs in mind and delivering great value to the painter.